What is backlash in a gearbox?

🔍 What is backlash in a gearbox?
➡ Backlash in a gearbox refers to the intentional gap between gear or bearing pairs. The presence of backlash can help to stabilize the gears or bearings during operation, reducing the risk of parts deforming or becoming too tightly interlocked due to wear or thermal expansion.
➡ The appropriate amount of backlash depends on the specific application of the gearbox. Too little backlash can lead to excessive wear or heating at high loads or speeds, and can even cause parts to lock up. Conversely, too much backlash can affect the precision and stability of the gearbox, leading to vibration or noise.
➡ Therefore, when designing a gearbox, it is necessary to choose an appropriate amount of backlash based on the specific application requirements. In practice, the backlash in a gearbox is usually pre-set according to the manufacturer's specifications, and does not require further adjustment. If abnormal backlash is observed, it should be promptly reported to the manufacturer for repair or replacement.
➡ The unit of measurement for backlash is arc minutes (arcmin) or arc seconds (arcsec), where 1 arc minute = 1/60th of a degree = 0.0167 degrees.
For planetary gearboxes, backlash can be classified into several levels, such as ≦1 arcmin, ≦3 arcmin, ≦5 arcmin, and ≦7 arcmin.
➡ There is no international standard for testing gearbox or reducer backlash. Backlash is an important indicator of gearbox or reducer performance.
The smaller the backlash, the higher the precision and corresponding selling price. Therefore, controlling and reducing the backlash of gearboxes and reducers is an important goal for manufacturers.
🔍 什麼是減速器的背隙?
➡ 減速器的背隙(backlash)是指在齒輪或軸承配對中,留有一定間隙的設計。背隙的存在可以使齒輪或軸承在運轉時更加穩定,降低因磨損或膨脹等原因導致的零件變形或接觸緊密而產生的卡死現象。背隙大小的適當程度取決於減速器的具體應用。過小的背隙可能會導致齒輪或軸承在高負載或高速運轉時產生過度磨損或發熱等問題,甚至可能導致零件卡死。相反,過大的背隙可能會影響減速器的精度和穩定性,產生顫動或噪音等問題。
➡ 因此,設計減速器時需要根據具體應用的要求,合理選擇適當的背隙大小。在實際操作中,減速器的背隙通常已經按照製造商的規格設計好了,不需要額外調整。如果發現背隙異常,應及時聯繫製造商進行維修或更換。
➡ 背隙的測量單位是弧分(arc minute, arcmin)或弧秒(arc second, arcsec),1 弧分 = 1度的六十分之一 = 0.0167度。以行星減速機為例,背隙約可分為≦1arcmin、≦3 arcmin、≦5 arcmin、≦7 arcmin幾個等級。
➡ 齒輪箱或減速機背隙的測試方法,並無國際標準可依循。背隙是衡量齒輪箱或減速機性能的重要指標數據之一。

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